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  Hello, tourists! "Not to the Great Wall is not a hero" is a famous sentence. Today, I am honored to be a tour guide of the Great Wall. Let's realize our long-standing wish to be a hero!

  Tourists, we have reached the foot of the Great Wall. When you get out of the car and look forward, Juyong Pass is immediately visible. Yanshan Mountains shake away like a scroll, and the great wall like a dragon can be seen continuously. We can't help but be conquered by the majestic momentum of the Great Wall by caressing the thick and solid wall which is eight meters high and six meters wide, crossing the crenels which are orderly spaced, windy and continuous, and overlooking the beacon smoke which stands on the top of the high mountains. All of a sudden, in the magnificent Bohai Sea, in the desert outside the Great Wall, in the mountains rising up, in the dust of the ancient road, flying a magnificent and magical picture of the Chinese dragon appeared in my mind. Tourists, do you have such feelings?

  The Great Wall is composed of magnificent city pass, solid city wall, small enemy tower and eye-catching beacon tower. If the Great Wall is compared to a giant dragon, I think the battlements lined up are like the dorsal fin of the dragon; the gray city bricks are the scales of the dragon; the protruding peak fire platform is the claw of the dragon. Do you agree?

  Although we were very tired, we had to climb the hero slope when we came to the Great Wall. But when we got there, our back was wet. The originally slightly flat road was getting steeper and steeper, and the tourists were constantly calling us tired. We just felt that we couldn't stand, so we had to hold our fists and move forward with sweat in our palms. When I got to hero slope, I felt tired and paralyzed. It's not easy to be a hero! In the mountains, fresh wind poured in from the entrance of the city wall. How about the Great Wall, my friends?

  Ladies and gentlemen, do you like the Great Wall tour? If you like, come again next time! Good bye, heroes!







  大家好,我是今天的导游,我姓陈,大家可以叫我陈导游,今天大家游览的地方是长城,俗话说得好:“不到长城非好汉,作文 长城导游词。”今天,就让我们登上长城做好汉吧!



  从北京出发,不过一百里就来到了万里长城的脚下,这一段长城修筑在八哒岭上,高大坚固,是用巨大的条石和城砖筑成的,城墙顶上铺着方砖,十分平整,像一条条很宽的马路,五六匹马可以并行,小学五年级作文《作文 长城导游词》。这气魄雄伟的工程,在世界历史上是一个伟大的奇迹!









  Hello, everyone! I'm your guide he Yizhen. You can call me Xiao He. It's a great honor to visit the Great Wall with you.

  From a distance, the Great Wall looks like a huge and incomparable dragon. A close look at the Great Wall shows no end at all. Standing on the Great Wall, beacon towers stand on the Great Wall, like a tumbler that will never fall.

  The Great Wall is also an important defense project in ancient times. The Great Wall was built in the state of Yan. Now it has a history of more than 20xx years!

  There is also a touching legend about the Great Wall. When building the Great Wall, except for the old people over 60 years old, all the other young people have to build the Great Wall. Fan Xiliang, a Suzhou scholar, had to hide around in order to escape the pursuit of the government.

  Once, he fled to the garden of Meng family and met Meng Jiangnu by accident. Meng Jiangnu is a smart and beautiful girl. She and her parents hid fan Xiliang together. The two old men liked fan Xiliang very much, so they betrothed Meng Jiangnu to him as his wife. However, people have misfortunes and fortunes, and there are unexpected events. Within three days of the wedding, fan Xiliang was captured by the officers and soldiers. Later, Meng Jiangnu came all the way to the Great Wall to find her husband. Unexpectedly, the migrant workers told her that fan Xiliang was dead. She cried at the foot of the Great Wall. I don't know how long she cried. She only heard "boom" and the Great Wall fell several kilometers.

  Passengers, please don't litter or scribble on the bricks. We'll meet at the gate at seven.


  Hello, everyone!

  The Badaling Great Wall we are visiting is built in Ming Dynasty. In order to defend against the invasion of foreign enemies, the great wall of more than 13000 Li was built in the Qin, Han and Ming Dynasties. The Great Wall starts from Jiayuguan in the West and ends at Shanhaiguan in the East. The Great Wall is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

  You see, the Great Wall is made of huge stones and bricks. The row of buildings more than two meters high on the outer edge of the city wall is called the crenels. The square openings above the crenels are the lookout and shooting openings for war. On the top of the city wall, there are square fortresses. There are fortresses every three hundred meters, so that they can echo each other when fighting.

  Dear tourists, at that time, there were no trains, cars or cranes. These two or three thousand jin stones and building materials were carried up by manpower, which is a feat that modern people can't even imagine. No wonder it is recognized as a miracle in the world!

  After visiting the Great Wall, we should remember one sentence: if you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero! Only by witnessing the great creation of our ancestors, can we become a real hero on the road of life!

  I have a story about the Great Wall, which is Meng Jiangnu crying about the Great Wall. It is said that during the reign of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, there was heavy labor. After three days of marriage, the groom was forced to set out to build the Great Wall. Soon he died of hunger and cold, and his bones were buried under the wall of the Great Wall. Meng Jiangnu was dressed in cold clothes. After all the hardships, she came to the Great Wall to find her husband. What she got was her husband's bad news. She wept bitterly under the city for three days and three nights. The city cracked, revealing fan Xiliang's body. Meng Jiangnu threw herself into the sea and died in despair.

  I have a camera. I want to take photos.





























  大家好! 我是你们的导游: 丁展鹏。让我们一起来参观这雄伟丶壮举的万里长城。希望大家渡过愉快的一天。

  长城的城墙都是用大砖和条石来建造万里长城的。城墙外侧有一人多高的墙叫做堞墙,堞墙上砌成一个“凸” 字形垛子,叫做垛口,是用于瞭望的。这下面有一个倾斜下去的小洞,叫做射洞,是用于射击用的。那背面的墙叫做女儿墙,起到安全作用。






  “不到长城非好汉” 让我们一起登上万里长城吧!


  Dear tourists: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Badaling scenic spot. I'm guide Luo. Today, I'm very happy to take you to the Great Wall. The Great Wall crisscross the East, the west, the north and the south, crossing the towering mountains, the vast grassland, the vast desert and the vast sea. Today, we only visit the Badaling Great Wall, which is the most complete section.

  Badaling Great Wall is an outstanding representative of the great wall of Ming Dynasty. Because it extends in all directions, it becomes Badaling. You may ask why the Great Wall was built here? In fact, it is mainly because of the important geographical location of Badaling area. It not only guards the Ming mausoleum, but also the gate of the capital.

  There is a saying that we all know: not to the Great Wall is not a hero. I just said so much about the Great Wall. You can't wait to visit the Great Wall. Don't worry, you will become a hero soon. Badaling Great Wall is composed of three platforms and two walls. What are three platforms? Let me introduce them to you. They are Chengtai and enemy platform. The structure of Chengtai is very simple, which is just a place for officers and soldiers to stay away from the cold. The structure of the enemy platform is relatively complicated. It is divided into two layers. The lower layer is composed of the shape of return well, and the upper layer has crenels and observation holes, which are used for observing military information and shooting. Therefore, it also has the function of defending the enemy.

  Next came the beacon tower, also known as beacon, wolf Yantai. It is an independent building not connected with the Great Wall. Once the enemy invades, it will light a beacon fire and report military information. In the Ming Dynasty, strict regulations were made on the relationship between the beacon fire and the enemy: more than 100 enemies, one smoke and one gun; 500 people, two smoke and two guns; more than 1000 people, three smoke and three guns; more than 5000 people, four smoke and four guns. In this way, the military information at the border can quickly spread to the palace.

  Looking back at the magnificent Great Wall, is it a little reluctant to say goodbye so soon? If I have the chance to visit again, I will be your guide again.

  Dear tourists, now our car is driving on the Badaling Expressway, and we are about to enter the Badaling scenic area. The mountain in front is Jundu mountain, on which the Badaling Great Wall sits. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the ancient people of our country began to build the Great Wall. At that time, the vassals fought for hegemony. In order to protect their territory from invasion, they built the Great Wall one after another on their respective borders, which is called the mutual defense great wall.

  In China, there were three peaks of building the Great Wall, namely, the Qin Great Wall, the Han great wall and the Ming Great Wall. In 221 BC, the first emperor of Qin unified the Central Plains and established the Qin Dynasty. In order to strengthen the rule and defend against the invasion of northern nomads, he sent General Meng Tian 300000 troops and a lot of labor to connect and expand the former great wall of Yan, Zhao and Qin in the north. It took nine years to build a great wall stretching from Lintao in the west to Liaodong in the East. This is the first great wall in Chinese history the great wall.

  In the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty also built a great wall of nearly 20000 Li in order to strengthen the defense, "not called Hu Ma Du Yin Mountain", which also protected the newly developed silk road. The great wall of the Han Dynasty was a forward position and defense line of the Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty. It started from Xinjiang in the West and ended in Liaodong in the East, which was the longest Dynasty to build the Great Wall in Chinese history. The great wall of Ming Dynasty is the highest peak of the Great Wall Construction in the history of China. The great engineering and the fine technology are unique. In the process of unifying the whole country and establishing the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang adopted the suggestion of "building walls high, accumulating grain widely and being king slowly". At that time, although the Yuan Dynasty had perished, it still maintained a relatively complete military strength, coupled with the continuous invasion of the rising Nuzhen people, so it began to build the Great Wall. In the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall was built 18 times on a large scale. It was not completed until the end of the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Great Wall, with a total length of 6350 km, starts from Hushan on the side of Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning Province in the East and ends at Jiayuguan, Gansu Province in the West.

  The great wall of Ming Dynasty has three characteristics: complete construction, perfect management and strict layout. The Badaling Great Wall we see today is a part of the Ming Great Wall. Although the original purpose of the Great Wall in ancient China was defense, it also played other roles.

  The first is the military role.

  The second is the economic function, which not only promoted the development of land reclamation and the economic development of Northern Xinjiang, but also made the people of Central Plains live and work in peace and contentment.

  The third is to promote the integration of all ethnic groups.

  In addition, it protects communications and promotes opening up. It is worth mentioning that in ancient China, there were not only three experiences of building the Great Wall. According to statistics, more than 20 vassal states and feudal dynasties had built the Great Wall in the past two thousand years. Some people have made rough calculations. If the Great Wall is rebuilt into a big wall with a height of 5 meters and a thickness of 1 meter, there will be more than 10 circles around the earth. Famous Folklore: the Great Wall was also built on the Great Wall. Today, after several renovations, the Great Wall has basically restored its original appearance. In 1987, it was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

  The road we passed just now is in the ditch. Guangou is the intersection of Yanshan Mountains and Jundushan mountains. It starts from Nankou town of Changping District in the South and ends at Chengguan of Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing County in the northwest, with a total length of 40 Li. It is the throat of the Central Plains to the Northwest Plateau. In the Ming Dynasty, there were four lines of defense, namely Nankou pass, Juyong Pass, Shangguan pass and Badaling pass. On Diecui mountain in Guangou, there was one of the eight famous Yanjing sceneries in Jin Dynasty: Juyong Diecui, but now the sceneries no longer exist.

  Today's sightseeing tour is coming to an end. I hope this time in the great wall can become an eternal memory of your visit to Beijing. At the same time, please give my best wishes to your family and friends.





















  Dear tourist friends: Hello! Welcome to the Great Wall, hope our service can make you more happy, also hope you can have a good time, have a good time, have a good time. Next, I'd like to give you an overview of the Great Wall.

  Located to the north of Beijing, the Great Wall was built in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. At that time, in order to defend each other, the vassal states built the Great Wall in their own territory. After Qin Shihuang unified China, in order to defend against the invasion of Xiongnu in the north, he connected and extended the great wall of the vassal states, known as the "Great Wall".

  The Great Wall looks like a long dragon from a distance, winding and circling among the towering mountains. It has a total length of more than 13000 Li. After visiting the Great Wall, Sun Yat Sen, the father of China, commented: "the most famous engineer in China is the Great Wall. There is no match for the size of the project in ancient times. It is the only wonder in the world. "

  Today we are visiting a section of the Great Wall built on Badaling. This section of the Great Wall is tall and strong. It is made of huge stones and bricks. On the top of the city wall, there is a "beacon tower" every 300 meters, which is a square tower. In this "beacon tower", Zhou Youwang once directed a historical farce of "Fenghuo drama Princes".

  When Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall, he used millions of people, which accounted for 1 / 20 of the national population! At the beginning, the ancient people worked hard to lift the stones and bricks up the cliff.

  Therefore, in order to respect the ancient working people, I would like to make a few demands:

  Don't Scribble.

  2. Don't throw away plastic bags, waste paper and other rubbish.

  Don't damage the building.












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